To keep informed for our social media pages' readers I had subscribed to the Hizb-ut-Tahrir newsletters and to several other pages and groups such as the Sydney Islamic Conversation. I have been blocked from most or unsubscribed even though I never engaged to where I might give myself away, but I sense many Muslim groups and pages are becoming cautious as their population and influence grows, and their designs become more obvious. What follows is patently obvious, just as Islam's infiltration and influence within the United Nations has become quite clear.

Who is Hizb ut-Tahrir

* A global Islamist political party that wants Islam imposed as a political system
* HT seeks to replace world governments with a caliphate and impose the rule of sharia law 
* It is active in more than 50 countries 
* Each country's chapter is headed by an emir who answers to Hizb ut-Tahrir's overall emir Ata Abu Rashta
* HT is estimated to have more than a million members worldwide
* The group is banned in at least 13 countries including Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey and Jordan
* HT has not been banned in Australia where its Facebook page has about 32,000 likes
* The Counter Extremism Project reports Hizb ut-Tahrir does not advocate violence directly but acts as a conveyor belt for terrorists, indoctrinating young members who go on to join jihadist groups
Famous terrorists who were once members of Hizb ut-Tahrir include:
* Khalid Sheikh Mohammad  - al-Qaeda's surviving 9/11 mastermind 
 * Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, head of al-Qaeda in Iraq, killed in 2006
* ISIS fighter Mohammed Emwazi, a.k.a. “Jihadi John,” reportedly attended Hizb ut-Tahrir events while in university in England 
* Bangladeshi Islamist Farabi Shafiur Rahman, of Ansarullah Bangla Team, arrested for killing secular blogger Avijit Roy with a machete in 2015


We subscribe to Islamic sites to keep a finger on that pulse just as we subscribe to many prog-lib, Democrat, left-wing and anarchist sources. This landed in my inbox today. It's a video from an Imam in praise and solidarity with the perennially oppressed black people - the forever oppressed [by whites of course], but never by Islam. We shall see about that a little later.


Here is what Muhammad thought about black women, according to Dr. David Wood [4min].

I wonder if the black Muslims of either America or Africa know what Islam's Arabs actually think of them. It ain't very complimentary. In fact Arabic Muslims think they are a bit of a joke. Here is an excerpt from an Al Jazeera article ........

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are meant to abstain from food, drinks, smoking, sexual activity and offensive language. Understandably, during this month, TV broadcasters across the Arab world tend to tone down programming and promote more family-friendly content.
Yet year after year, racist mockery and derogatory language against Afro/black Arabs and black African migrants make it to the TV screens of millions of Arab families gathered to enjoy TV series produced especially for Ramadan.
This year's Ramadan TV content failed to "disappoint" in this regard.
The Egyptian comedy series "Azmi we Ashgan" (Azmi and Ashgan) created by controversial Egyptian producer Ahmed el-Sobki, featured the lead actors donning blackface repeatedly throughout the series, as well as the use of racist language (including the use of the n-word) and the portrayal of black people as servants who speak in broken Arabic and practise sorcery.
The Kuwaiti comedy series "Block Ghashmara" (The block of jokes), on the other hand, dedicated a whole episode to actors in blackface portraying Sudanese people as lazy and cynical.
Despite the outrage on social media, the film crews behind the TV series defended themselves.
Ahmed Mohy, the scriptwriter of "Azmi we Ashgan," downplayed the racial slurs in his show, said on Twitter that "[the team] do not aim at insulting part of the Egyptian people, because we are all one people".
On Instagram, the Kuwaiti actor Hassan al-Ballam, who starred in the controversial Block Ghashmara episode, apologised, but said that the criticism against him was exaggerated and that he was "misunderstood".
These exchanges and criticism, however, were limited to social media and as in the past, failed to produce a bigger society-wide discussion. This is hardly surprising given that racism in Arab popular culture and in Arab cinema, in particular, is pervasive and there seems to be little interest in the Arab society to change that.

READ FULL ARTICLE HERE: https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/outrageous-racism-graced-arab-tv-ramadan-180616134620046.html

ANTIFA RUN OUT OF TOWN. ...... WATCH. [ A follow up to our previous post].

HERE we go again - this time in California - ANTIFA guy gets the sh.. kicked out of him - [we mean the "shoe" or the "snot" if you watch the vid].

This follows our previous post at : https://www.righttospeakout.com/2020/06/where-antifa-dare-not-go-this-town-is.html


TOWN FIGHTS ANTIFA: ‘They Just Beat the Ever-Loving Snot Out of Them’

“They just beat the ever-loving snot out of three or four guys,” said an unidentified man who was filming the beat down. “The Antifa guys are not doing well at all here. They’re getting the **** kicked out of them.”
At least one of the Antifa thugs lost his shirt and one of his shoes as he was chased around a parking lot.
“You can’t come to Yucapia with this ***,” the videographer said.
The Antifa thugs finally got the message and scampered off – but not before a local resident offered a helping hand.
“Hey homie,” the man yelled. “Here’s your shoe, dog.”

Which leftist governors or mayors are really dealing with the riots?
Here in my hometown of Yucaipa Ca we deal with our own! Armed and posted protecting our city. Antifa was ran out of town as quickly as they came in.

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.........Source: https://www.toddstarnes.com/crime/town-fights-antifa-they-just-beat-the-ever-loving-snot-out-of-them/?utm_source=Todd+Starnes+Newsletter&utm_campaign=9a723b707d-June+3&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_92d26c77ee-9a723b707d-113133793


WE heard from private sources that some towns in Idaho are packing, ready and waiting for ANTIFA. Ordinary citizens are armed and ready, Historically, these folk will not brook any nonsense from either right wing militia OR from the left [Antifa]. Scouts from ANTIFA had reccied the situation in Coeur D'Alene and will stay well away. I decided to find some evidence for our page. HERE IS WHAT I FOUND ..........

And the following post from Fellowship Of The Minds:-

Bet Antifa won’t be visting Coeur d’Alene any time soon…

Watch longer videos of residents exercising their Second Amendment right here.

Check out that Twitter thread.

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