EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE:.........Are You A Useless Eater?


COVID-19: A pandemic to eliminate ‘useless eaters’

This essay is to provoke thought. It does not mean I necessarily subscribe to its thesis.

The term “useless eaters” originated in Nazi Germany. The German words for “useless eaters” or “useless mouths” is Unnütze Esser – those deemed unworthy of life, who included Jews, people with serious medical problems or disabilities, those unable/unwilling to work, and other Untermenschen (sub-humans).
Did you know that:
  • Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren, in a 1977 textbook, advocated the formation of a one-world government that would use a “global police force” to enforce totalitarian measures to depopulate the world?
  • Cass Sunstein, a legal scholar who worked for the Obama administration, once proposed focusing government policies on saving years of life rather than individual lives? (Yahoo! News)
  • The EPA during the George W. Bush administration, weighing the benefits of power-plant emission regulations, determined that people over 70 were worth just 67% of the lives of younger people? (Yahoo! News)
  • The “Dead Zone” TV show from 2003 was about a “mysterious flu virus” that “originated from China” which causes high fever and respiratory distress, and talks about quarantine/lockdown, wearing protective masks, and the anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloroquine as the cure? (H/t maryaha)
If you are a mad scientist intent on culling the world’s population down to a sustainable number, à la the Georgia Guidestones‘ 500 million, how would you go about doing it?
Would you target mainly the useless eaters who contribute little to society but are a financial burden, including:
  • The old, whose health costs increase with every year, especially those who must be cared for in nursing homes. Nearly one-third of lifetime medical expenditures is incurred during middle age, and nearly half during the senior years. For those age 85 and over, more than one-third of their lifetime expenditures will accrue in their remaining years.
  • The sick, with chronic debilitatng and incurable  illnesses, such as diabetes, respiratory ailments like COPD, and cardiac diseases.
  • The obese, who disproportionately consume healthcare costs. The CDC estimated that medical-related costs of obesity may be as high as $147 billion a year, or roughly 9% of medical expenditures, and that an obese person costs an average of $1,400 more in medical expenses a year than someone who is at a healthy weight. Other researchers estimated the costs may be even higher.
The selective depopulation must be done stealthily and surreptitiously, with minimum protest from the eaters — useless and useful — under the guise of some natural disaster that keeps everyone terrorized and immobilized in self-quarantine, and confounds even the best minds from suspecting the depopulation is human-contrived and -engineered.
The Wuhan coronavirus pandemic fits the bill:
  1. To begin, the virus is not natural but is man-made, i.e., contrived. According to a U.S. government analysis leaked to the Washington Times, the Wuhan Institute of Virology (China’s CDC) is the “most likely” source of the COVID-19 pandemic. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed the report. He said: “What we do know is that this virus originated in Wuhan, China. We know there is the Wuhan Institute of Virology just a handful of miles away from where the wet market [with the bats] was.” It is said China created the virus to demonstrate that its ability to identify and combat viruses is equal to or greater than that of the United States, and that the virus “accidentally” leaked from the lab.
  2. Curiously, unlike the seasonal flu coronavirus to which the young are most vulnerable, the Wuhan coronavirus targets mainly the old (over 65), the sick, and the obese:
  3. An effective vaccine for COVID-19 is unlikely. The Wuhan coronavirus has already mutated into at least 30 different strains, which means whatever vaccine that is developed will not be 100% effective, just as the vaccine for the seasonal flu is, at best, only partially effective. As an example, the 2019-2020 seasonal flu vaccine is only 45% effective — “effective” defined as reduction in doctor’s visits for the flu. That’s why we still don’t have a vaccine for the common cold or HIV.
  4. Further targeting the elderly and sick — who especially are urged to get the seasonal flu shot — is the perverse fact that, according to a new Pentagon study, having received a flu shot actually increases the risk of getting the Wuhan virus by 36%! Many other studies also point to the increased risk of viral respiratory infections from the flu shot.
Then we have the curious fact that back in November 2019, more than a month before the CDC sounded the alarm on the COVID-19 coronavirus, the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) posted a job ID for “public health advisor – quarantine program”. (See Deplorable Patriot’s “Pandemic a planned ‘scamdemic’?“)
A new study suggests the pay-off from the Wuhan virus killing off old and sick “useless eaters” in the number of years they would have lived — and consumed societal resources — if it were not for COVID-19 (The Economist):




SWEDEN: The dirty little secret about the death rate from COVID-19 and who is responsible for spreading it

Not surprisingly, the majority of deaths in Sweden are occurring among the elderly in nursing homes. However, what Swedish media would prefer you not know  is that the majority of “spreaders” of the China coronavirus are Muslim invaders, many of whom are Somalis who worked in the nursing homes. Wouldn’t want to be accused of Islamophobia, now would we?

FrontpageMag – Daniel Greenfield  lThe high death rate from the virus in Sweden has nothing to do with the decision against a lockdown. It’s not because the bars are open. 90% of the dead in Sweden were over 70 and half of them lived in special housing.
A decade ago, in Sweden, 13% of the workers in care homes were mainly Muslim immigrants. Currently, 28% of care home workers in Sweden are foreigners, but in Stockholm, where the real dying has occurred, 55% of the care home workers are Muslim immigrants.
Stockholm has been ground zero for the outbreak with more deaths than the rest of the country combined. And half of those deaths took place in care homes making for a very troubling pattern.
In an interview, Johan Giesecke, Sweden’s former Chief Epidemologist and Chief Scientist of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), let slip the formerly unspeakable.
Giesecke admitted that Sweden had failed to protect the elderly, and noted that, “many of the people working in nursing homes are from other countries, they’re refugees or asylum seekers.”
Anders Tegnell, the current state epidemiologist, the Fauci of Sweden, a cult figure whose face appears on everything from smartphone covers to tattoos and caps, dismissed the suggestion that immigrants, who have a much higher rate of coronavirus, could be responsible as, “purely speculative.”
Sweden has a higher death toll than Norway or Finland, but it also has a far higher immigrant population. Not only does Sweden have a larger immigrant population, but it has an especially sizable percentage of an immigrant population that appears most vulnerable to the virus.
In early April, some medical experts estimated that Somalis represented 40% of the coronavirus deaths in Stockholm and 18% of the death toll in Sweden. That may be because of Stockholm’s first 15 coronavirus deaths, 6 of those who died were Somalis. The Somalis have been followed by Iraqis, Syrians, and Afghans as being significantly overrepresented among the ranks of coronavirus cases.
Stockholm’s immigrant suburbs were some of the hardest hit by the pandemic. In Rinkeby-Kista, where almost the entire district is populated by immigrants, infection rates were twice as high as the rest of Stockholm. Rinkeby is home to Somalis, Iraqis, Pakistanis, and Moroccans. The area has been a hub for violent Islamic riots, hateful mosques, and secret memberships in Islamic terrorist groups.
In early April, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health revealed that immigrants made up 1 in 5 cases of the virus and that 1 in 100 Somalis in Norway had tested positive for the virus. A week later, it was 1 in 4. Somalis made up 6% of confirmed cases. And in Helsinki, Finland, Somalis accounted for 17% of cases.
Researchers have proposed varying explanations for Somali vulnerability from ethnic benign neutropenia, to low vitamin D levels, dense living conditions, intergenerational households, high rates of smoking, and poor language skills.
In an International Center for Violent Extremism survey, Somalis blamed a refusal to take health warnings seriously. One respondent from Stockholm claimed that the community had been listening “to wrong information with extremist ideas from religion (sic) scholars”.
Sweden’s relaxed social distancing depended on the country’s communal values. But immigration had undermined those communal values which assumed that most people care about the welfare of others. An immigrant population that did not see itself as part of the larger national community might not care enough to take the steps needed to avoid infecting people in restaurants or nursing homes.
“Many people said that this disease is only meant to kill for non-Muslims thus, it cannot affect Muslims,” a third Somali living in Sweden said. “I’ve watched shows from Somali National TV televised where the reporter asked people playing and socializing at Lido beach in Mogadishu if they are unaware of corona virus. So many of those people answered, ‘We are Muslims! This disease will only kill non-believers.’”
Islamic clerics have indeed spread the message that the pandemic is meant to kill non-Muslims. “Thank you corona!” an Egyptian Imam had even been caught on video, while praying that, “Allah, relieve the Islamic nation of the coronavirus, and use it to annihilate the infidels.”
Swedish authorities knew early on that it was more prevalent among certain immigrant groups and yet did nothing to protect the elderly Swedes living in care homes from a migrant care worker population.
Any such steps would have been seen as Islamophobic.





The left want to keep us lockdowned to serve the grand green agenda

8 May 2020
10:33 AM
Leftists have turned to alchemy to try to transform the Covid-19 pandemic into their fabled climate emergency.
Former ABC journalist Quentin Dempster tweeted on Thursday: “Australia’s National Cabinet should stay on to coordinate decarbonising of energy/transport/manufacture to urgently mitigate climate change.”
Well no, Quentin. If I wanted Daniel Andrews to run my life I would move to Victoria, lock myself in my home and vote for him.
The National Cabinet, formed by the PM to help steer Australia through the pandemic by determining such things as whether or not we may see our mums on Mother’s Day, should be disbanded the moment the lockdown ends. And the lockdown should end yesterday.
But gloomy environmental doomsdayers — who practice social distancing when they meet, not by shaking hands but by shaking heads — are insisting on the old adage that one should “never let a crisis go to waste”. 
They imagine current restrictions on our freedom continuing after Covid-19, but this time in service of their grand green agenda.
Wednesday’s Sydney Morning Herald editorial was headed: “Scientific approach for Covid-19 must be applied to climate change”.
Of course, our “scientific approach to Covid-19” has been no more scientific than the approach to the great plague of 1666 – social distancing, face masks and an emphasis on personal hygiene – except that we have an app.
But I digress.  
The SMH went on to say: “Our response to the coronavirus provides important lessons for how we should respond. It is time the federal government accepted the warnings from scientists about climate change just as seriously and took a similarly proactive approach.”
It’s not difficult to guess the lessons environmental activists might have learned over the past two months:
  • Say that our computer modelling — which is another way to say “our guessing” but it sounds scientific when you use the word “computer” — indicates we are on the verge of the apocalypse. And don’t just say it; have someone sign it for the deaf, like in an actual emergency.
  • Insist that millions upon zillions of people will die. And don’t be afraid of using outrageous numbers. The more unlikely the number, the more enthusiastic the media will be to report it and the more inclined people will be to believe it.
  • No more of these “we have three years to act” warnings that environmentalists have been using for the past decade. The threat must be immediate. “A gazillion people will die every day starting next Tuesday if we don’t act now,” is much better.
  • Hold up a graph and use a catchy, memorable phrase to tell people what they must do. “Flatten the Curve” has already been used so another slogan would need to be thought up, but this should easy enough since the public love to rally around pithy slogans that are quite meaningless  –- Free Tibet; Love is Love; Hugs Not Drugs. A Fair Go for All. Something along those lines.
  • Tell people we must “flatten the curve”, or whatever, by locking ourselves in our homes until enough solar panels have been built or until a reduction in global temperatures has been achieved – whichever comes last.
  • Keep people in lockdown by constantly moving the green goal posts. “We started with 0.5 degree average reductions, but now computer models say death and destruction unless we double that. So no-one is going back to work anytime soon. And no, you can’t play golf.”
The past two months have taught us that people will nod in agreement before calling the police to report a neighbour who shows any sign of dissent.
  • Churches can remain closed, as they were during the pandemic, to prevent pastors speaking faith to people’s fears.
  • Declare people not working with the wind or the sun (peace be upon Gaia) to be “non-environmental workers” who must lose their livelihoods. A nice touch would be to have them stand on their front lawns and clap appreciation for environmentalists at 8pm every Thursday.
  • Require people to stay home and watch Netflix (YouTube will be blocked so that no-one can view Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans) until the climate emergency is over and the earth is healed which will be whenever Adam Bandt says so. And all of this can be done without ever going through the hassle of giving annoying people, by which we mean the public, a vote.
  • Anyone who complains should be accused of literally hating the planet and of wanting people to die. “How dare you question the climate lockdowns?” they should be told. “Your Facebook posts are actually polluting the Earth.”
French philosopher Bruno Latour, quoted in The Guardian last month, said: “We have learned that it is possible in a matter of weeks to slow the economy, which until now had been considered inconceivable.
“The incredible discovery is that there was in fact in the world economic system, hidden from all eyes, a bright red alarm signal, next to a large steel lever that each head of state could pull at once to stop ‘the progress train’ with a shrill screech of the brakes.”
As the threat of Covid-19 recedes and governments look to ease restrictions, watch as the environmentalists try to wrestle control of the lever for their beloved climate emergency.