CORONA NARRATIVE DEBUNKED [Again]........ Our Best Find

...Of all our posts which have challenged the false and dangerous narrative perpetrated by Elites with a pecuniary interest, by the leftist media, by Big Pharma, by stupid politicians, and by the prog-lib Big Tech tyrants, THIS should spell the end of the propaganda.

But, it probably won't. There is too much money to be made from vaccinating 7.5 billion people. There is too much at stake for the global Elites as their depopulation program, the tracking of the peasantry, and their Big Brother control protocols are right now on the doorstep of realization.

We have had dozens of articles destroying their machination narrative which "authorities" and amateur dribbling vloggers and posters have pedantically found some fault with. These included the scoop with Dr. Erickson which YouTube deleted. We posted the series of 12 doctors disagreeing with the narrative, then another 10 doctors, then another 8 doctors. Let's see what they do to this professor. Perhaps they will find that she secretly owns a zinc mine, or that her children died in mysterious circumstances, or that - far worse - her papers were not peer reviewed by Bill Gates !

Professor Cahill says what we have maintained all along [with some qualifications] - that the lockdowns are wrong, and that they will kill and ruin lives, and that they inhibit natural immunity. Someone is going to have to be brought to account for the damage done to humanity by those perpetuating this monumental hoax.