The New Underworld Order and COVID-19

PHOTO: Brass Check TV
The New Underworld Order Crime Syndicate has multiple objectives for weaponizing an illness and unleashing it on the world.
As we have alluded to in our Parasite Guild posts, the Crime Syndicate runs massive bubble-based financial ramps that serve to transfer enormous wealth to their coffers. Ultimately, these ramps can’t be sustained, and they reach what’s called the Minsky Moment. Indeed, the Crime Syndicate desires such a moment, as they can position for huge profits as the bubble bursts. Many of today’s multi-billionaires — including Mike Bloomberg and Paul Singer — exploded their wealth during the last financial crash through “event-driven” investments, which is just nicer-sounding term for bear raid “arbitrage.”
Besides the opportunity for Big Shorts, the boyz in the Crime Syndicate can set up bailouts, stimulus and white elephant projects that permit unsupervised looting opportunities. We discussed this in “White Elephant Projects Provide Boundless Looting Opportunities for Corrupt Kleptocrats” and “The Loot of Mexican State Oil Company Pemex, and How it was Done.”
Emergencies and financial/economic crises open the door for full capture of the public purse or patsy institutions that can be robbed.

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However, the Crime Syndicate needs a narrative or excuse for the big bear-market bust. Even pajama people sense the problems are excessive credit creation and economic maladjustment. The causa proxima for this can be laid at the doorsteps of the Crime Syndicate and its captured operatives. Therefore, the coronavirus serves as both a trigger and a “look over here!” rationalization or excuse for the bust.
As the illness spreads and grows, look for military lock downs, or defacto martial law. Anything outside of a tight CS narrative will be shut down and censored. Reddit just took down a popular coronavirus subreddit.
Food will difficult to buy. Gas, transport and telecommunication may be restricted. Pension funds will go bust.
The coronavirus has also been designed as a eugenics measure. It’s no small coincidence that the virus kills heavy smokers, old people, sick people with diabetes and liver disease along with a dozen other conditions. We have noticed that few if any children are afflicted. That is an outlier that demands explanation.
This virus is directly age specific in that it is more deadly the older you are and sicker you are. This will save pension/social security funds billions. COVID-19 is just the ticket for countries like Japan and China that are top heavy with old folks. Aging populations drain resources and funds for globohomo consumeristic societies.

Japan demographics

John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation held a round table featuring a global coronavirus pandemic scenario that killed 64 million back in October 2019. Is it just a cowinkydink?
This is the same crew who previously simulated postal anthrax attacks — just three months before they actually happened.
Another feature of COVID-19 is that 14% of patients who recovered test positive again. Yes, how about that? Most curious. A younger healthy person can’t just endure an infection and then build up his or her own immunity.
This puts enormous pressure for a global mass vaccination program with teeth. That means planet-wide medical martial law. This will be as close to one-world sovereignty as there is.
And I really gagged when this item turned up: A SOLUTION is at hand — namely, an Israeli firm claims it will have a coronavirus vaccine ready in a couple weeks. What a cowinkydink, Sherlock.
Yes, just like the coincidence that COVID-19 originated a few miles from a major Chinese biolab. There is no way I will just attribute this to Hanlon’s Razor- The Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory is the only lab in China designated for studying dangerous pathogens, which indicates a possible man made element.
And isn’t it a wild cowinkydink that one of the hardest hit countries to date is Iran?
And Sherlock is also asking why COVID-19 infections in Africa are so low. There is a large Chinese presence there, and they kept the airline connections open. Is Africa being spared from the culling as an element of this diabolical scheme?
Complicating the matter and feeding a panic are higher-than-normal baseline levels of other less-lethal influenzas, such as (H1N1) pdm09 in the U.S. All regions remain above their baselines and are only slightly below epidemic level.
In Europe, geographically widespread influenza activity was reported by the majority of member states and areas across the region — (H1N1) pdm09 viruses were detected most often (60%) and, of the influenza B viruses, the vast majority were B/Victoria lineage.
There was a incident the other day involving the Pope sneezing and looking sick. Very psyopy. Look for a big celebrity who’s active on Twitter to “come down” sick to help trigger a panic among the plebs.
You can bet that access to this vaccine will be tightly controlled and with certain conditions involving loss of liberty and freedom. This could well be the moment chipping is introduced on a mass scale.
Once mass vaccinations are in the mix, the selective soft kill culling can really begin.
But before this “solution” arrives, the worst of the virus is dead ahead, with continued large market swoons, just-in-time supply chain fractures, a credit bust, and a super stressed medical system.