Days After Pakistani Rape Gang Report is Hidden, Westminster Child Abuse Scandal Cover Up Exposed


Muslim Rape gangs
Westminster Child Abusers.

First is a video on the Pakistani rapists with some info on the Westminster case.
Secondly, a report from researcher, Cathy Fox, with links to the actual Westminster Report.

IICSA Report – Allegations of child sexual abuse linked to Westminster

IICSA have released their 153 page report into Allegations of child sexual abuse linked to Westminster, with 20 pages of Annexes. Westminster for those that do not know is where Members of Parliament meet. So this is an important report into Government and MP child abuse which has been covered up for decades.
Pdf download available from cathyfoxblog [1] or direct from IICSA [2]
I have not read it yet, so will not comment, but reproduce it here as ..
  • Reports have a habit of going missing from national and local Government and police websites only months after publishing.
  • Corporate media, very rarely give a source for their reporting as they take their Mockingbird media job seriously. They act as though they do not want you to think and read for yourselves but just to read their opinion, so they shape your view.  Since most were complicit in the cover up, they minimise nearly all abuse and never give the primary source.
Hence misleading headlines like this, and of course no link to source report. Article by chief propagandist from the Mail, Martin Robinson, if that is even the name of a real person.
Mail £118m child sex abuse inquiry finds no evidence of Westminster paedophile network at the heart of government despite Tom Watson’s 2012 claims from Nick the Fantasist [3]
Shameful, but these people appear to have no shame and pocket large salaries to do the bidding of their paymasters, whether that be foreign based millionaire and billionaire owners or the inaptly names “intelligence services”, as part of Mockingbird.
The Independent has more accurate headline but of course no link to the source document. Independent Westminster child sex abuse: Senior police and politicians knew about widespread paedophilia but ‘turned a blind eye to it’, inquiry finds [4]
More balanced but again no link to source report Mirror Westminster child sex abuse report gives damning verdict on decades of cover-up [5]
Again no link to the source report, why is this not important? – Guardian Police and politicians ‘turned blind eye’ to Westminster child abuse claims [7] 

IICSA tweets state
Our #WestminsterReport, released today, makes clear that Westminster has had major problems in its responses to the sexual abuse of children. Institutions must learn from past mistakes in order to better protect children in future.
The investigation launched following major concerns about #Westminster institutions’ handling of allegations of child sexual abuse. A consistent pattern of deference towards people of public prominence emerged, with political status repeatedly valued above children’s welfare.

The report examines seven key issues: police misconduct, political parties, whips’ offices, the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), prosecutorial decisions, the honours system and current safeguarding policies in government, parliament and political parties.

I have no doubt that IICSA by the nature of its structure, personnel and the Home Office secretariat, have not got the bottom of the extent of the abuse or the cover up, but at least it is a start, and exposes Boris Johnson Prime Ministers ignorant comments that police spending on child sexual abuse investigations was “spaffed up a wall”, which not only was incorrect, but doubly disgusting as he used a sexual reference to masturbating to make his point. Mirror Boris Johnson says spending on child sex abuse investigation ‘spaffed up a wall’ [8]
Talk is cheap, we shall see what action is taken and what other documents IICSA publishes.

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[2] 2020 Feb 25 IICSA on iicsa websiteAllegations of child sexual abuse linked to Westminster
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[4] 2020 Feb 25 Independent Westminster child sex abuse: Senior police and politicians knew about widespread paedophilia but ‘turned a blind eye to it’, inquiry finds

[5] 2020 Feb 25 Mirror Westminster child sex abuse report gives damning verdict on decades of cover-up
[6] 2016 Dorset Eye Margaret Thatcher, William Hague, Leon Brittan, Dolphin Square, North Wales and the VIP child abuse connection
[7] 2020 feb 25 Guardian Police and politicians ‘turned blind eye’ to Westminster child abuse claims
[8] 2019 Mar 13 Mirror Boris Johnson says spending on child sex abuse investigation ‘spaffed up a wall’ police spending on child sexual abuse investigations was “spaffed up a wall”.
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I COULDN'T RESIST THE FACETIOUS HEADING but I think it deserved it when you read this from Family Voice Australia.

Police Headquarters 2063 1024x512 1024x512 850x455
In a remarkable incursion by South Australian Police into a matter of public policy, a senior officer has recommended legalising euthanasia.
The proposal issued by Assistant Commissioner Scott Duval provoked a sharp rebuttal from FamilyVoice Australia State Director David d’Lima.
“We sympathise enormously with police who must investigate instances of attempted or completed suicide, but it beggars belief that senior officers would therefore recommend legalising euthanasia.”
David d’Lima said the laws of Parliament should promote the common good and not deal with limited instances.
“While the reported claim of about twenty suicides of terminally ill people each year is twenty too many, it does not warrant any change in legislation.”
He also warned that the proposal, if heeded by Parliament, could make matters worse.
“Since general suicide rates tend to increase in the jurisdictions that have legalised euthanasia, the ordinary copper can expect to attend more suicides if MPs heed this most unwise recommendation of the brass.”


SOCIALIST PREMIER OF VICTORIA, DAN ANDREWS, has ruled that students must be taught about the crimes of those socialists from 80 years ago, the National Socialist Party of Germany, known as Nazis, of whom none exist today. Ironic. This follows warnings from the Australian Intel agency about those on the other side of the political spectrum - the right, of whom a few are far right and possibly outnumbered by their opposites on the far left, of whom there are many and constantly involved in violence and public demonstrations and disruptions to the rightful concourse of citizens.

Possibly no other genocidal crime is more remembered than the Holocaust and puts other horrors in the shade for memorialising, even though it was not the worst. Perhaps the premier could organize a bridge march to close the gap, or set aside a 'Sorry Day' with a plan for some sort of recompence. I can only guess that the thousands of students in Muslim schools will miss out on this experience. And one has to wonder if Victorian teachers actually know the similarities of the old Nazi Left to today's Left. It's quite obvious that the extreme leftists known as Antifa certainly don't know what a Nazi is.

Read more details at this link which contains a bonus film of the event........


Sydney gives her view on this deviant trend. [Not happy with the Disney sweater, Syd].

Very good Sydney, now go and change.


WHAT'S THE TRUTH CONCERNING THE VIRUS?  We don't know because the spy we implanted in the Wuhan virological laboratory suddnely died. BUT, we have heard every theory under the sun, as you have. Jokes aside, we are blogging on this subject - not because we know the truth - but because facebook and other platforms will NOT allow opinions, other than those of the zeitgeist promulgated by the media, our governments and official bodies like the WHO. Why not? Do they have something to hide?

Theories and opinions being bandied about in the underground media suggest a number of theories.
E.G. * The virus was stolen from North America labs by the Chinese.
.       * It was weaponised to spread and be sprayed to deplete the population.
.       * It was contracted from bats [in the belfry].
.       * It was developed to necessitate a vaccine which would either make developers rich, or
.       * the vaccines would either kill us or make us compliant.
.       * The virus was a genuine research project which accidentally escaped from Wuhan labs, or
.       * was released deliberately for the purpose of ........ [ theory 1,2,3,4,etc].
.       * A typical Hegelian plot of Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis, or Action, Reaction, Solution.
.       * Just one of those things - She'll be right, mate.
.       * Somewhat over-hyped false flag and no worse than any other malady such as the 'flu.

While we are entitled to hear the myriad of opinions, some expert, some common sense, some conspiratorial, and to make of them what we will, we are not permitted to do that in the media or on SM platforms. Hence, this blog [among the many]. TODAY, WE BRING YOU OPINIONS ON THE LAST THEORY ONLY .......... That the scare is rather overdone for some nefarious purpose, and the coronavirus is no worse than normal outbreaks of known viruses. We present 3 articles on this particular theory, two Aussies, Adam Piggott and TOTT NEWS, then the Nth. American, Jon Rappoport [who can be checked out for his preceding 14 articles on the subject].

Risk, randomness and the plague.

Just a quick Thursday post as I have a rather busy day today. On the subject of prepping I have never been a big fan. I also think that the Corona virus is more fear-mongering than anything else, specifically designed to crash the US economy in time for the November election.
However, I am also a dedicated student of risk and its inherent randomness in the real world sense, not in an academic capacity. So all things considered you might want to buy a few more groceries this week.

When paranoid, you can be wrong 1000 times & you will survive.
If non-paranoid; wrong once, and you, your genes, & the rest of your group are done.

It's a yuuuge mystery that academics who deal w/risk, "rationality", subforecasting & superforecasting fail to get it.



How to stage a fake epidemic (and brainwash billions of people)

by Jon Rappoport
February 26, 2020
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“When gigantic mega-corporations steal land from Third World people and then poison these people with horrific pollution, why isn’t it called murder? Is that too stark? Does it offend delicate sensibilities? Would you say that a drug gang who shoots up a bar and kills ten innocent bystanders is just carrying out ‘typical business practices in their field of endeavor’, and should therefore never be prosecuted in a court of law on a charge of homicide?” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)
—This article assembles facts contained in my ongoing series on the “China epidemic.” To get the details, I recommend going back and reading all those articles (archive here).
If a group wants to stage a fake and frightening epidemic, how would they do it?
First of all, what reasons would they have to launch such an audacious plan?
On one level, they want to cover up human harm that is already occurring. They want to explain this harm with a false story. For example, suppose a combination of deadly corporate air and water and 5G* electronic pollution is making people sick and killing them. The parties responsible are surely not going to admit their crimes. No. Instead, they’re going to claim a new virus is causing this harm in the form of, say, lung disease. The virus just “emerged.” “It showed up out of nowhere. It crossed species from animals to humans.”
So…the first thing needed is a cluster of cases in one locale. A small group of people who have the same symptoms. This is easy to find. How about ordinary flu symptoms? Fever, fatigue, weakness, with an emphasis on lung complications [from the forms of pollution]. A few of these people are very ill. Two of them die. Now, the publicity/news machine swings into gear.
It’s called an “outbreak.” It isn’t, but that’s the story. “They were all ‘exposed to something’” at, say, a riverfront dock restaurant.
The news—shoveled directly into mainstream outlets—comes from elite public health agencies like the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO).
To use a technical term, this is all BULLSHIT. Understand? People in the locale of the “new case cluster” are falling ill and dying as a result of the actual pollution-causes I listed above. But the news takes a different slant: “Researchers from WHO and CDC state that a ‘mystery illness’ has emerged in City X, and they are working to discover the virus…”
Who said it was a virus? Who made that unwarranted assumption? WHO and CDC. They always say it’s a virus.
At this point, suddenly, it’s news all over the planet, and most of the population is roped in, right from the get-go. Virus. Yes. I see. Which virus?
And shortly and miraculously, the answer comes: it’s VX-20. A new virus, never seen before, “which probably emerged from fish and crossed over into humans. One fisherman has already died.”
Voila. We have a new disease. VX-20.
Next question: did researchers actually find this virus? Did they?
Follow the next piece closely. There is sleight-of-hand involved.
One scenario: Researchers used what are called “indirect markers” to INFER that a new virus was there, in samples of tissue taken from several people in the original “cluster” of riverfront victims.
The researchers didn’t actually use basic procedures to purify the tissue sample from even one patient, and they didn’t see MANY identical viruses in an electron microscope photograph of the purified sample—if they took such a photograph at all. They certainly didn’t perform this complete test on several hundred emerging patients—they should have, but they didn’t. And most certainly, other researchers, including INDEPENDENT analysts, didn’t perform the necessary electron microscope test on hundreds of so-called “epidemic patients.”
So…the CDC and WHO researchers came up with a notion, an idea, an inference about a virus, through these indirect markers. And via a process of continuing inferences, they characterized the virus they never saw.
Scenario two: Let’s be generous and assume the researchers did bother to look at electron microscope photos, derived from only a few patients, not hundreds of patients, as they should have. What did they actually see in the photos? Maybe they saw a few particles that looked similar to each other, BUT quite possibly these virus-like particles were just passengers that ordinarily live in the body and cause no harm. However, the researchers jump up and down and say, THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE NEW KILLING VIRUS. AND WE WILL NOW ASSEMBLE ITS GENETIC SEQUENCE.
So what? These researchers don’t bother to make the distinction between viruses that might do harm and those that do nothing. Why? Because they’re determined to find something. Anything. That’s their basic mission.
In both scenarios, they’ve fallen woefully short of proving that a new virus is responsible for making people ill.
But never mind—news outlets and governments are already on the march. THIS IS IT. A new epidemic. VX-20. A whole city is already locked down. Screeners are waving wands at passengers getting off planes. Some US talking head is saying there is now a rush to develop a vaccine. New cases of VX-20 are showing up in other cities and other countries. Boom.
Let’s examine that last part, about new cases and “spreading”— because this is where people REALLY fall for the con. They say: “Well, here is a city where there is no air or water or 5G pollution, and they’re discovering new cases, so how do you explain that?”
The new cases and the spread are based entirely on DIAGNOSTIC TESTS. Those test-results determine whether there is an “epidemic case” or a “spread.”
There are two main tests: antibody and PCR. In a nutshell, neither test is adequate to say HERE IS A NEW CASE. Both tests are unreliable and worthless. It’s more of the con. Both tests will claim to show “new cases” when they DON’T. They might show some antibodies or a few tiny fragments of what might possibly be a virus, but they show NOTHING that directly points to human illness. Relying on those tests would be on the order of laying down a bet on a game that isn’t even scheduled. It’s a farce.
Antibody tests, which purport to prove illness coming from a virus, are actually showing, at best, that the patient came in contact with a virus. Actually, before 1984, this was generally taken to mean the patient was in good shape. His immune system had defeated the germ. But then, for several no good reasons, the science was turned on its head. All of a sudden, a positive antibody test was taken to mean the patient was ill or would soon become ill. Nonsense. Farce.
The PCR test takes a tiny, tiny sample from a patient that might contain a virus, but the virus particle is far too small to comprehend. The PCR blows up that particle many times, so it can be analyzed. BUT the test says nothing about HOW MUCH virus, if any, is replicating in the patient’s body. And you need millions and millions of a virus replicating in the body to even begin talking about a cause of actual illness.
AND both tests rely on the unwarranted assumption that a virus actually causing illness—VX-20—was truly discovered in the first place.
Armed with these pathetic tests, public officials begin reporting a new epidemic case here and a new one there, and pretty soon 40 countries have new cases, and the public falls for it, hook, line, and sinker.
And THAT’S HOW you stage a fake epidemic. The rest is pure publicity and lockdown and theater.
Dangerous theater.
Toxic drugs and toxic vaccines will be brought on board to treat the epidemic that was never there.
The ACTUAL ONGOING causes of illness and dying will remain in place, shoved into the deep background. And THIS amounts to a capital crime. As in: murder. Remember that.
People will be told not to question the official line on the “epidemic.” This is called a clue. Why not ask questions? Because the answers might lead to a correct conclusion about the enormous con job.
Let me add a few comments.
The World Health Organization itself states that every year, there are millions of cases of ordinary flu around the world, and several hundred thousand deaths. This isn’t “coronavirus.” But the flu sufferers can easily be called “new epidemic cases.” Ordinary flu can be statistically “imported” and called “coronavirus.”
Then there is the medical treatment imposed on people who are told they are “coronavirus cases.” I’m talking about highly toxic antiviral drugs, which have the ability to stop natural reproduction of cells in the body. Particularly when such people already have weakened immune systems, or organ-function problems, the results can be catastrophic. The patients can die. Of course, if they do, they will be called “deaths from the epidemic.”
Finally, there is something else you may have heard of. I mentioned it a few paragraphs ago: murder. Do you really think the people who are consciously launching a fake epidemic, with all its consequences—including covering up and never remedying ongoing real causes of dying and death—would stop short of staging a few spectacular incidents of dying and death, in order to make a splash and convince the public that the virus is really a killer? Are you KIDDING? For example, suddenly, out of the blue, a few friends, previously healthy, in a small town, fall ill, and a few days later, they’re dead. Health officials state they were “positive for the virus.” “It came on quickly.” Are tests run to detect an intentional covert act of direct poisoning? Of course not. Media blare this horrible story all over the world: “THE VIRUS IS ON THE MOVE.” Same thing happens to a previously healthy family in Country X. They fall ill and die. And then a group of travelers on a mountain in Country Y become ill and die. Murder. However, the cover story is: “THE VIRUS KNOWS NO BOUNDS. IT CAN COME ON ANYWHERE, AT ANY TIME.” THESE EVENTS OF DEATH “CAN ONLY BE EXPLAINED BY THE VIRUS.” That’s right, when the audience is brainwashed and completely naïve.
“But…but how could anyone actually commit premediated murder of innocent people, in order to convince the public that a virus is spreading in unlikely places?”
As I mentioned, such controllers are ALREADY guilty of murder, because they’re hiding the actual ongoing causes of death with the cover story of a virus. This sort of cover-up of crime has been happening, around the world, for a long, long time. To cite just two instances, look at parts of Africa and Haiti, where the “HIV story” has been promoted and funded, wall to wall, in order to conceal intentionally created and sustained poverty, stolen farm land, and corporate takeovers involving massive poisonous industrial pollution.
When you go back in history—as I have—you’ll realize that fake epidemics are standard operating procedure. SARS, Swine Flu, West Nile, Zika, etc. I’ve written about every one of these phonies in detail…