IT HAS BEEN 6 MONTHS SINCE THE FIRST CASE OF COVID-19 WAS RECORDED IN AUSTRALIA. THE NUMBERS NOW ON RECORD REPRESENT A FAIR SAMPLE OF WHAT HAS BEEN THE CRISIS STAGE OF THE PANDEMIC, ASSUMING THAT FROM THIS POINT ON, THE CASES [INFECTIONS] AND DEATHS WILL DECREASE. In other words - the crisis is over and while there may be subsequent spikes or outbreaks, both infections and fatalities will be minimal in the context of what has been touted as a dangerous virulent contagion.

The statistics given in the following are extracted from official numbers as at the end of Sunday, 26 July, 2020, as shown in the above chart. IN SIMPLE TERMS ..........

OF THESE, 14,400 PEOPLE HAVE TESTED POSITIVE, i.e., 0.36% returned positive tests.
[This is the IR  - Infection Rate], NOTE that positive tests include many who have NO symptoms and may never feel ill, and such tests may include false positive tests [but they are ALL called "cases" by the media].

.............. This represents a Case Fatality Rate [CFR] of 0.0038% [Deaths of those who tested positive]. The survival rate of those diagnosed with Covid-19 is over 99%.
.............. This represents a Mortality Rate [MR] in the total population of 0.0006%. In other words the pandemic throughout its worst period has proven to be non fatal for over 99.99% of the population.

WE ALSO KNOW .......
COVID-19 cases were reported across all ages.
WE ALSO KNOW........
The mishandling of the situation in the state of Victoria has exacerbated the situation and vastly inflated these numbers.
The media constantly avoids correct terminology and will not put statistics in context, however this post is not intended to analyze their bias and fake news. That is for another day.

BELOW is Alan Jones' view of the situation to date.


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