THIS INVESTIGATION OF ALTERNATIVE SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES HAS THE AIMS AND PURPOSE OF OUR OWN PAGES IN MIND, THOSE BEING "RIGHT TO SPEAK" PAGES. [herein referred to as RTS]. Individuals will find their own sites suited to their own purpose and such purposes will be anything from sports to consumer products to news to hobbies, ad infinitum. This brief look into alternative sites is exclusively for our existing readers and followers being followers concerned with the direction that our western society and culture is heading. In other words, this is for the "socially aware". 

That said, in investigating alternatives, the purpose of RTS is the most important criteria. RTS is NOT a place for internal chat among like minded buddies. [Conversely, our readers' engagements and comments are absolutely vital in influencing others and we rely not just on our own posts but on "shares" by our followers to reach their friends and a wider audience]. The purpose of RTS is to reach the normies and the average Joe and Jane who rarely are exposed to any opinion other than mainstream news, analysis, opinion and documentary [that's where our followers can work with us in getting thee message out]. THE ESTABLISHMENT  MAINSTREAM MEDIA HAS BECOME SO BIASED TOWARDS A VALUELESS, POST-MODERNIST, RELATIVIST, GLOBALIST AGENDA THAT VOICING ANY OPINION SUPPORTING ABSOLUTE TRUTHS, VALUES OR MORAL STANDARDS EITHER DOES NOT REACH THE NORMIES OR ELSE IT IS CENSORED !! 

Our method is to publish views and news from Alternative Media and Conservative analysts as well as news items that the MSM won't touch. For that we, and most other Conservative voices, are being banned or censored by the major social media sites. The list grows daily. We at RTS have had 15 restrictions in 10 months in the form of official or unofficial [not notified] restrictions called 'shadow bans' where posts are not sent out to reach followers. Right now we are on unofficial shadow banning where our main page with 4200 followers has posts restricted to 1% of followers. Our back-up page, RTS2, is reaching up to 50% of followers but only has 340 followers. SO, WE ARE LOOKING FOR ALTERNATIVES FOR THE FUTURE AND SO ARE MANY FOLLOWERS. I stress "for the future" because we will continue to use facebook since it has by far the greatest participation rate compared to alternatives. Individuals will find alternatives where there are like minded voices - but we do NOT want a platform for the socially aware conservative voices for our pages. Our aim is to reach the UNAWARE and the normies by imparting the knowledge and the views that run contrary to the Leftist Narrative. We want to 'Unbrainwash' those who have been fed propaganda for decades.


[1] MeWe

Here is their ProMo

Possible cons: I don't know the owner or if he has his own agenda. It is very America centric. We have to pay to run our page. Participation numbers are nowhere near facebook's [yet].
I suggest with this site as well as any other site, that you do a search for various opinions on the site, both pros and cons.
Possible Pros: There are a variety of types of people and interest groups which means, for us, that there is potential to reach more average types. No censorship [so far anyway, although the owner's name is Weinstein so not sure what will happen if we post criticism of Jews or Israel. NOTE, our policy is that NO org. or individual is above criticism].

Our link below to both 'page' and to 'group'. Our page has about 105 followers and is growing at 3 or 4 per week. Our group has very few and they hardly post. ....

[2] GAB

Here is some info, but if you do a google search you will only find criticism that it is a right wing extremist anti-semitic hate site. Best to check it out at for yourself. ......

Possible cons: It is America centric and only has just over 1 million accounts. It is an echo chamber so not suited to our RTS mission to reach all types.
Possible Pros: No holds barred. Say what you like.

It does accommodate groups but I am on it as an individual and don't intend to start a group page.


Here is their promo.......

Check their site here:

RTS does not have a page or group on Minds. I have had an account here too for a year but have not engaged much. It may have possibilities for a group or for our followers who are looking for a fair alternative. More investigation is needed to see if this page would suit our mission as a page but I would recommend at least some further investigation for our followers.


This has been recently recommended by some of our readers. Neither RTS nor I have an account. Thos interested should do their own investigation as will I. It may have potential, however it seems that it may have been infiltrated or at least affected by 200,000 new accounts opened by Saudis. 

Here is the link .......

And here is a possible problem ......


I have an account here but RTS does not. It is more of a debate-of-issues rather than for posting articles and news. It will suit a niche market for more academic argument.



Again, another site where I have an account but RTS does not. A niche site for more intellectual prognostations for those interested. This is the site of right wing and some left wing Principals like Jordan Peterson, Shapiro, Rogan, Rubin  et al.

Rubin's explanation here ;.....


.                                   ***************************************************              .

There are hundreds of thousands of social networking sites and apps. A list is given in Wikipedia but is rather meaningless for our purpose of finding an alternative to facebook, so this is provided for interest only.

CONCLUSION: We at RTS will continue as we have done on facebook, MeWe and Twitter [ ]. Additionally, we have our own web site which is very well patronized by readers who may not be on facebook or twitter [].  We will be keeping an eye out for any social networking site which suits our Mission and which takes off in popularity on the back of any demise of facebook once enough average users become so fed up with the "book burning" of free speech. I am not talking about those who use facebook for pure social outreach in the bubble of chit chat about the minutiae of daily routines, their problems, health, pets, family news and photos, and what's good to eat. Those folks will stay on facebook and THEY are the normies we need to reach. We are talking here, of course, about those with even some flicker of interest in our societal direction, sovereignty, culture, influences on our children, politics & religion, our freedoms, globalism, totalitarianism, and those who would ban our opinions. But. we do not want to be in a Bubble of our own or a right wing echo chamber as far as our page RTS is concerned. Whether left or right, we all need to interact with like-minded others, so the suggested sites given above may be of some use for individuals. However, as a page, RTS needs to reach out to a wide variety of people. We will continue to investigate all avenues.


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