For the benefit of non-Western Australians, the government restricted alcohol sales [without prior warning]. This accompanied limits to certain foodstuffs and other goods imposed largely by supermarkets to stop panic buying and thus allow all consumers a fair go.

But why impose a flash ban on unlimited sales of alcohol?

Yes, I know........ a fair go for all drinkers, right? But why did the bureaucrats believe that alcohol would be the subject of panic buying? There were no signs of it, that I could see.

What about more necessary items which haven't been restricted?  Say, toiletries like toothpaste. What about cosmetics? Baby foods - there's still plenty on shelves. Clothing?......in the event of an extensive lock down, wouldn't families want to stock up with winter coming on? And fuel..... despite travel restrictions, scared folks will stockpile fuel first, especially preppers. I posted 6 weeks ago that fuel could come down to $1 per litre and was laughed at, but today it's at 95c., but there's no panic buying. These restrictions do not apply in some other states, but aren't we all Australians?

So, let me tell you what these socialist restrictions actually mean, not just to a casual drinker but to the death rate, to the environment and to costs when we are being given supplementary hand-outs.

The following applies in my personal case which I use as an example of restrictions defeating the purpose - the cure being worse than the disease, you might say.

I enjoy between 1 and 3 drinks per day on average of fortified wine [to the exclusion of other types of beverage]. I can buy in bulk to save by purchasing a case [4x4Ltr casks] for $80 which incurs a cost to my imbibement of less than $2 per day. Plus, I only have to make one trip per 7 or 8 weeks for this purchase. The present restrictions mean I [and evryone else] can only buy 1x 750ml bottle per day. At that rate I need to make a trip every 3 days for each bottle, which can cost from $6 to $12 per bottle [and this excludes the up market brands which can reach $50]. All that looks like this [Noting that as a senior I am in the high risk category for Covid-19 and rely on my past taxes coming back to me in the form of the aged pension which is my only income]......

NORMAL PROCESS                                                   UNDER PRESENT RESTRICTIONS                                         

1 x Trip                                                                       17 x Trips
Little social contact                                                     Much social proximity
Negligible emissions                                                   High vehicle emissions
Negligible chance of a vehicle accident                      Increased chance of vehicle accident
Cost $80                                                                       Cost $180
Fuel $2                                                                          Fuel $35


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