Of late, the bulk of journalists have shown themselves to be left wing SJW's in disguise. This was evident as they called out Trump as a racist for referring to the coronavirus as "the Chinese virus". Historically, many diseases and viruses have been given localised names such as Ebola, Ross River Virus, and so on. There are more but a justification for using a throw-away title is not needed - it's all so petty.

This post illustrates just how blatantly hypocritical these leftist progs have become, infected with another virus called Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Heads-Up here:
.                               The video below by Dr. Steve Turley is generally a debunking of Racism, but it's the first 3 minutes that drives home the point that media is hypocritical. I challenge you to get through those first 3 minutes without developing a migraine, and you're excused if you tune out after 60 seconds. But, worse is to come !! The next 4 minutes is Dr. Steve giving a sales pitch, however, if you FF, the rest provides some worthwhile thoughts on racism in general.

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