UNLEASHED: Come visit our blog.

We are back again after yet another ban. Both our pages are now banned regularly and it seems banned mostly for posts on the climate issue and gender theory. For interest here is a summary of recent notifications from Facebook, but as they are a company which does not communicate readily with users, many bans have been imposed with no reason given.



NOW LET'S LOOK AT OUR MAIN PAGE for just the most recent ban notices.....[NOTE that our page #2 above is shadow banned BUT NO ADVICE WAS RECEIVED THAT IT IS BANNED].


SO, these notifications of violations only go back a few months. They have wiped any and all of the previous notifications but there were many. Often times we were banned but received no notifications. We appealed many times but were never answered. Note too, that where facebook deleted posts for "hate speech" there is no way to know to which post they are referring, but we can assume with certainty that these have to do with our criticism of gender theory, especially criticism of transgenderism and drag queen story hour. Generally, if you browsed the above, you will have noticed their agenda and their pedantry. We believe we have been singled out but will carry on. We leave you with a shot of a post which we believe upset the left agenda to sexualize and groom kids - it depicted a drag queen [Kitty Demure] warning parents not to allow kids to attend story hours and he gave a vivd description of the goings-on behind the scenes. Our intro was simply quoting him so we can only assume that facebook was being homophobic [got 'em]. CHEERS.


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