DON'T GET ME WRONG, Andrew Hastie is one of our better MP's in my unhumble opinion, but whistle blowing that he and the head of our Intel Agency are very conscious of keeping us safe - then why does the Govt. keep importing those sworn to kill us according to their "holy" books?  Do they not understand that the far right is only a concern because they created this problem. That's the Communist Dialectic - create a problem and then big note yourself for enacting draconian measures to solve it. By draconian measures, I am not referring to restrictions placed on Muslims, no, I'm talking about the crack-down on free speech on from the conservative side and the surveillance on reactionary groups that they have brought about. Oh anyway, here's Andrew Hastie's missive of today with a link to his web site.

Dear ******,
Most of us will never see the work ASIO does in the shadows to keep us safe.
That’s why the Director General’s Annual Threat Assessment speech is so important. It was a speech to the Australian people.
I attended the speech this week at ASIO headquarters where the DG gave insight into the work they are doing. I encourage you to read the primary document yourself. 
I trust the Director General. He has strategic vision and is operationally focused. He understands his mission: to hunt those who would do us harm. 
The DG outlined the two main threats to our country.
The first is terrorism. There is credible intelligence that individuals and groups have the capability and intent to conduct terrorism onshore.
Violent Islamic extremism of the type embodied by Islamic State and al’Qaida remains the principal concern.
Extreme right wing groups are also a growing problem. The DG warned that “in suburbs around Australia, small cells regularly meet to salute Nazi flags, inspect weapons, train in combat and share their hateful ideology.”
Australia has fought and defeated both Islamic militants and Nazis in the past. Neither have a place in our country.
The second threat to Australia is the unprecedented rise in espionage and foreign interference. The DG warned:
“The intent is to engineer fundamental shifts in Australia’s position in the world, not just to collect intelligence or use us as a potential ‘back-door’ into our allies and partners.”
The threats are significant. The security landscape is evolving and Australia’s adversaries are more determined and sophisticated than ever before.
But so is ASIO and its partners.
They strive to out-wit and out-imagine our adversaries.
Parliament works closely with our agencies to ensure they have the laws, resources and funding needed to disrupt threats and keep Australians safe.
For example, the DG described how the Assistance and Access Act, which was refined through the PJCIS, was used within ten days of it coming into effect.
We lead the world with our counter-terror, foreign interference and espionage laws. We are making sure they are fit for purpose in a digital age.
It is a job I take very seriously.

Andrew Hastie

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