SOCIALIST PREMIER OF VICTORIA, DAN ANDREWS, has ruled that students must be taught about the crimes of those socialists from 80 years ago, the National Socialist Party of Germany, known as Nazis, of whom none exist today. Ironic. This follows warnings from the Australian Intel agency about those on the other side of the political spectrum - the right, of whom a few are far right and possibly outnumbered by their opposites on the far left, of whom there are many and constantly involved in violence and public demonstrations and disruptions to the rightful concourse of citizens.

Possibly no other genocidal crime is more remembered than the Holocaust and puts other horrors in the shade for memorialising, even though it was not the worst. Perhaps the premier could organize a bridge march to close the gap, or set aside a 'Sorry Day' with a plan for some sort of recompence. I can only guess that the thousands of students in Muslim schools will miss out on this experience. And one has to wonder if Victorian teachers actually know the similarities of the old Nazi Left to today's Left. It's quite obvious that the extreme leftists known as Antifa certainly don't know what a Nazi is.

Read more details at this link which contains a bonus film of the event........


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